Several Storeys have commissioned some writers


Alika Agidi-Jeffs aka/bkb Infecta

Alika is our youngest commissioned writer. In 2012 Alika’s world was turned upside down when a chance filming on the London underground went viral. Singing along to Rhiana, Alika was captured on camera during a manic episode. Since the filming he was diagnosed with bi-polar. Alika spent 4 months recovering and is an advocate for mental health charities.

A young, talented, upcoming musician, an artist by the name ‘Infecta’ Alika is described as ‘lyrically sick’ The world was Alika’s oyster – a regular on TV he also performed on stage alongside artist as; Chipmunk, Tinie Tempah, Labrinth, Jessie J, Wretch 32, Rizzle Kicks, Ed Sheeran, Emeli Sande, N-Dubz, Tinchy Stryder, Devlin.    


“Hey Jessica, you home?” she asks knocking on the door …no answer. “What the hell is going on around here?” She curiously asks, talking to herself. She makes her way to Ben’s house (another floor above). *BOOM* again she hears what sounds like a strong storm, this time a little louder. Silence. Stood still in her tracks, Aatilia slowly walks to the edge of the balcony peaking over and shouts “IS ANYBODY HERE!?” at the top of her lungs, it echoes but no one replies. She starts to panic, hastily making her way to one of the pathways that provides an exit to the neighbourhood and links to a bridge.


Scharlick2Stephen Charlick

Stephen is the author of 5 zombie novels set in the UK. Recently snapped up by Australian publishers Severed Press, the first of the series, “Six days with the dead” is available now in paperback.

Stephen is a horror author “the books that engrossed me for my train journeys, while those around me plugged themselves into the latest from the top ten or something notable from the Booker list… well mine, to be honest, had either Zombies, Vampires or Werewolves in them and if I was really lucky, all three… not very worthy or highbrow I know, but for me whenever I opened those pages and let reality fall away, it was like being a teenager again watching an old Saturday night horror flick… and I loved it.”  We are expecting a spine chilling, blood curdling estate based horror story from him where real life meets the afterlife.

ON THE EIGHTH DAY – Read Stephen’s story here http://www.severalstoreys.co.uk/on-the-8th-day-stephen-charlick/


Claire Collison

Claire Collison spent fifteen years as a photographic artist, working around themes of female identity. Her short stories have been awarded various prizes, including the Woman’s Own Short Story Competition, Virago/Marie Claire, and the Bridport Prize.

Claire Collison is a writer and visual artist. She teaches widely, and runs writing workshops inspired by place, including ‘Writing the City’ (writingbloomsbury.wordpress.com)

Claire was Tweet Poet in Residence at Barbican Arts Centre, and has recently worked with Kettle’s Yard, designing writing resources, and for The Photographers’ Gallery, facilitating visual literacy.


MbaxterofficalpicMark Baxter – From Camberwell, Mark is our go to man about town and all things Mod. He writes books, loves red wine, makes documentaries and is an authority on all things South London. Despite being a lifelong Millwall fan – he still loves Football.“The Fashion of Football, was voted as one of the top 50 football books of all time by 442 magazine. The Mumper, was sold to Orion in 2011 and then made into a feature length film, called ‘Outside Bet’ The A-Z of Mod (Prestel). looks at the history and influences of the Moderninst movement over the past fifty years. Mark has also co-written three local history books published called ‘Walworth Through Time vols 1&2’ and ‘Walworth Memories’ (Amberley)’ . His latest novel ‘Elizabeth, Peter and Me” was released in November 2013. His documentary about Jazz musician Tubby Hayes was released in Summer 2015


Michael Holland

Critic and connoisseur Michael is the Arts correspondent for the Southwark News, there is not a theatre, venue or restaurant in the Borough that doesn’t know him. Born and raised on Council estates documentary maker & award winning writer, Michael will be helping us select writing for the Several Storeys Anthology.


Read Michael’s Story here http://www.severalstoreys.co.uk/a-sunday-walk-michael-Holland/


The kids would often play Runouts in the blocks where they lived, Chartridge and Bradenham, or go to Burgess Park over the road, but there weren’t enough hiding places for a good game of Runouts there, the park was for football; anything up to twenty a side. The boys would play while the girls watched from the sidelines until it got dark, because no one had to be in before it got dark. Except Sheila.



Michael Groce

Michael Groce is a poet community worker and former criminal. His name is remembered by many in connection with the 1985 Brixton riots when his mother, Cherry Groce, was shot by police during a dawn raid on her home. He is now a published poet, having won the Cheltenham Poetry Prize. Michael is a regular host at the Brixton Splash and recently performed at the opening of the Black cultural archives

He spent time in and out of prison; throughout his life, he accrued 50 convictions and 15 different spells in prison.



Alex Burrett

Alex’s first collection of short stories, ‘My Goat Ate Its Own Legs’, is published in the UK, US (Harper Collins) and France. It earned a 5* review in the Independent on Sunday. His surreal and thought-provoking style encourages readers to reconsider preconceptions. Alex collaborates with the Royal College of Art – using short stories to bring future design to life. Alex’s other works (short stories, poems and two novels) are available as ebooks.

Bending the long spoon is Alex’s Story you can read it here:


‘Money’ is one of my favourite words. But after breakfast with the living embodiment of earthly wisdom, it had a whole new meaning. Her insight, you might say, was a revelation.

I was the one waiting for hell. I was waiting for the January bonus that would keep me in my riverside flat and fine dining and first class flights and exclusive parties and drunken skiing holidays and cocaine and private lap dancers.


paulapprovedpicPaul Clayton

Paul Clayton is an actor and director. In addition to his appearances on stage, film and in popular TV shows such as Peep Show, Coronation Street and Him & Her, he is also a veteran of the corporate acting circuit as presenter, actor, and lately casting director, with over 1400 corporate events to his credit. He works with clients in the corporate sector on a global basis, and he is currently Chair of the Board at The Actors Centre in Covent Garden. He has a regular column in The Stage. He is a tweeter and blogger.

The Estate

Mercifully he’d never had to pass through its high stone corridors. His route from leafy garden suburb of faux tudor housing into the city took him up one of the main arteries leading to the heart of the metropolis. Driving along it, he couldn’t help but be aware of the towering architectural monstrosity sitting only two or three streets away from this alley of pound shops and cooked chicken emporia. This area of the city had been badly damaged in the last great conflict to touch these shores. Areas left to waste. Homes vanished without trace. A whole community displaced

APeartAmory Peart

Multi-award-winning director Amory Peart specialises in gay and trans feature films, including his gleefully anarchic tale of rent boys, porn videos and enforced feminisation, ‘Piccadilly Pickups’. In the past six years, he has turned to making what he calls “queer heterosexual porn” – witty, well observed spoofs of mainstream films, such as his ‘biopic’ of much loved Prime Minister Aggie Snatcher, ‘The Iron Lady Garden’, for hetero male and couples audiences. Manchester Gay Pride Fringe in conjunction with the Arts Council commissioned a retrospective of Amory’s film work in 2015 at Gallery 222

Amory will be exploring sex, relationships and sexuality in his work.

You can read the full story here



The bleary-eyed student forced himself up to standing. Gazing out at his bleached-out industrial Aylesbury Estate cityscape. The low January sun lit up the metropolis ahead and warmed his naked body & soul. He closed his eyes and longingly imagined lying on Copacabana Beach: the glow of the sun burning his face, the noise of laughter and waves and the familiar human contact of his fellow Brazilians.


Shola Amoo

Shola is a graduate of The National Film and Television School where he works on The BFI  Film Academy. His latest film “A Moving Image” deals with Gentrification in South London. Last year he debuted his Aylesbury based visual art project “An Improvement” at the Adinkra Arts Festival curated by Project 27, which took place at the Bussey Building. Through his work he questions the process of regeneration.


A Word On The Aylesbury

Pockets of culture sprung through cracked, crocked pavement. You split opinions, a grey puzzle under grey skies. Friend or foe? It doesn’t really matter; they’ll reconstruct your identity.

For all that rise must fall.

By Shola Amoo