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Writing the Aylesbury

We are currently working with Michael Faraday School

Dear Parents,

Writer Claire Collison is working with Creation Trust on a project called Several Storeys, which hopes to capture the unique stories of the Aylesbury Estate, both for a website and also a book, which will be published this summer.

Claire hopes to include Michael Faraday’s Year 3 children in the project, by asking them to bring in an object next Monday, 21st March, to add to a ‘Museum of the Future’. The object can be anything that they feel tells a story about them and where they come from: something small and individual would work best.

Children will be encouraged to write about what makes their object special, and Claire will photograph their objects, along with their writing.

If you would prefer to not have your child’s name included in the project, please let us know.

And if you would like to submit your own writing for the project and writing competition, please do! Information is on the website



Claire is a writer and teacher. She runs Writing the City at the Mary Ward Centre

‘Magical days of exploring London… Claire’s enthusiasm has helped us develop our skills while making the whole course a voyage of discovery. Discovery of our city, of writing, and of ourselves.’