If you are not able to attend one of our workshops visit our ideas page for some source materials to inspire your writing, or you may want to visit the estate – here’s a suggested route and what to look for.

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The Aylesbury Estate is easy to find. Bus routes 343, 42 and 136 run through Thurlow Street and any bus to Walworth Rd and the junction of Camberwell Rd takes you to the South West corner of the estate.

From Burgess Park – Albany Road – Thurlow St to East St. – One of the best views of the estate is looking across Burgess Park. Starting from the Walworth Rd end you can walk the length of Burgess Park along Albany Rd and see how the estate changes in size and layout along Albany Rd.  At the Walworth rd end you can see the first of the new Blocks, Arments Court. Named after the family that has run the Pie and Mash shop on Westmoreland Rd for over 100 years.  Next to this is the start of the concrete build estate blocks – the 12 storey Bradenham marks the West end of the estate.  This is the first development site and along with Arklow (red brick) Chartidge and Chiltern blocks is currently fenced off from the public. Portland St is the first road you will cross & on this street is Michael Faraday school, a newly built primary school that replaced an old Victorian building and Gayhurst sits in front of one of the many outdoor sports pitches. Four storey buildings with gardens take you all the way to the junction of Thurlow St where Wendover another 12 storey barriers block stretches a 1/4 of a mile down to East St.  It is worth taking a walk along Thurlow St.  The hour glass pub, the boiler house that provides all the heating and hot water for the estate sits next to the more desirable red brick buildings that make up Michael Faraday house.  Sports pitches and temporary offices sit alongside the block that forms the North end of the estate – Taplow.  This block still has a balcony and walkway where the original streets in the sky shops, recently turned into artists studios can be visited, and give you a taste of what the architects intended when they designed the estate. Streets were for cars. All front doors and entries to flats were up on 1st of second floors.  Opposite Taplow is a new development Harvard gardens replaced 49 low rise homes and a sports pitch and it due for completion in the Spring of 2016.  On market days we would recommend you turn left onto East St, said to be the birth place of Charlie Chaplin and has been a market serving the estate and beyond for over 150 years.