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If you are undecided or don’t know if the Aylesbury has inspired you there is a lot of information on the internet.

This is a great film on Youtube

The Wiki page gives you a potted history

Recent work with some of the residents on the Aylesbury at is here and the quarterly magazine written for residents “The Echo” is also downloadable from the site.

The plans for the estate are here –

Some of the press articles

‘It’s not hell it’s home”

‘One of Britain’s most maligned estates’

‘Fight for the Aylesbury’

How do you sell South London’s housing estate from hell’

Channel 4 ident campaign

We very much hope that this interests you as we would really value your contribution to Several Storeys and think the book will be a lasting testament to a very important piece of London’s history.

Here are the first of our commissioned stories:…-by-alex-burrett/